Child Protection

Child Protection

Club Child Protection Guidelines
This section of the website is for clubs to refer to when reviewing/setting up club recruitment practices. All registered members of Basketball Ireland sign up to the Code of Ethics for Children’s Sport and the Code of Conduct when they become a member. 

To Download our Current Code of Ethics, click HERE  - Our CoE are currently being reviewed and an update will appear here. 
To Download our Current Code of Conduct, click HERE 
To Download our Current Child Safeguarding Statement, click HERE
To Download our Current Risk Assessment, click HERE

All registered members of Basketball Ireland and each club member should be asked to agree to the code on signing up with the club. The Code of Ethics contains appendices which have various purposes and should be used throughout the organisation. 

Garda vetting is in place since 2010 and at this point, all those working directly with children in Basketball related activities should be Garda Vetted.  

Garda Vetting results are not currently transferable between organisations. In other words, if you as an individual have been vetted for a school, your result will not suffice as being Garda Vetted for Basketball Ireland. We understand that this is inconvenient but we must work with the system that is place in Ireland at the moment.

Child Protection Officers: 
Each club, that have members under 18 years of age, should have a Child Protection Officer. The Child protection officer should undergo the Code of Ethics training that is run regularly through the local sports partnerships. Please check with your Local Sports Partnership for their next scheduled course. All details for LSP's can be found HERE (or copy this link to your browser -

Club/Organisation Child Protection Officer:
She/he is the link between the children and the adults within the club and is responsible for monitoring and reporting to the Club Management Committee on how club policy impacts on young people and sports leaders.

The Club should choose an appropriate occasion or method of introduction to all club members especially the children in the club at the earliest possible time in the season. All club members should be aware of who their Child Protection Officer is and how to contact them if needs be. Adults should bring any child welfare concerns they may have to the Club Child Protection Officer or their Designated Person (see below).

To view the role of the Club/Organisation Child Protection Officer: Download HERE

Club/Organisations Designated Person: 
Every Club/Organisation should designate a person to be responsible for dealing with any concerns about the protection of children. The Club Designated Person is responsible for reporting allegations or suspicions of child abuse to the Health Services Executive or Social Services (In Northern Ireland) and/or An Garda Siochána/PSNI. It is recommended that this person is a Senior Club person. However, if it is difficult to identify a separate person for this role at club level, the Club Child Protection Officer can be both Child Protection Officer and the Club Designated person as long as they are clear on what is involved in each role.
The Designated Person should either have taken or should take the Code of Ethics course as discussed in the section above on Child Protection Officers.

Report any suspected abuse to your local HSE office during office hours or contact your local Garda Station outside of office hours. The HSE information line is Contact Tel: 1850 24 1850 – they will be able to provide you with local Social Workers contact details.

TUSLA, the Child and Family Protection Agency also offer their support services. You can contact them by visiting their website - - or by phone on +353-1-7718500.
The role of the Club/Organisations Designated Person: Download HERE

Template Recruitment Forms (For Reference - Clubs to adapt for their Club Recruitment):
These are not to be sent to Basketball Ireland as they are for club use as reference only

Application Form for New Junior Members (Under 18 Yrs): Download HERE

Application Form for BI Sports Leaders (Coaches, Selectors, Team Managers, Referees): Download HERE

Application Form for Existing Leaders: Download HERE

Application Form for New Volunteers to work with Children: Download HERE

Sample Email to nominated referee: Download HERE

Overnight Travel Form
Travel With underage children including overnight stays: Download HERE
Note: This form should be completed for each child on each overnight stay that they attend and each adult travelling with them & retained on file by the Club/Organisation.

Photography Video Permission
Photography/video Permission Form: Download Here 
Note: this form should be completed by anyone who wants to take video or photographs at an event that they have not already declared their intention and should be retained by the club/event organiser.

CPO (Child Protection Officer) -  Rory Wall

Garda Vetting Liaison Person - Rory Wall

DLP (Designated Liaison Person) - Triona Leahy

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