RECAP: Brian Nesbitt 3x3 Tournament

RECAP: Brian Nesbitt 3x3 Tournament

  • Apr 28,2016
RECAP: Brian Nesbitt 3x3 Tournament

Report - Conor Meany

UCD Marian hosted the first ever Brian Nesbitt 3x3 tournament last weekend in Oatlands College last weekend with over 100 players on 24 teams participating.

The tournament aimed to try and grow the 3x3 game while emphasising the wonderful social side of basketball.

With a limit of only one Basketball Ireland National League player per team, some very interesting combinations were there. Michael Chubb lined out alongside his fiancée, brother and parents on one team while Conor Meany was joined by his brother, cousin Fiona and his Dad Paul and Uncle Michael (who last played basketball in 1989!).

Other teams of note were the Marian Superleague team from the early 2000’s with Pat Glover, Barry Glover, Neville Charles and Gary Edge eventually winning the plate competition.

In the main competition a major shock occurred when three members of the 1986 National League team managed to win thanks to the help of a 6’10 Canadian import.

The tournament was a fantastic display of the social side of the sport and was brilliant to see so many levels and nationalities able to all play competitive basketball against each other in a mixed tournament.

UCD Marian would like to thank everyone who supported the tournament in particular Canning Landy and who are a leading car hire aggregator.

More photos from the day are available on UCD Marian’s Facebook page.
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