Digital Empowerment for Irish Basketball Clubs

Digital Empowerment for Irish Basketball Clubs

  • Jun 15,2016
Digital Empowerment: How the future of basketball coverage in Ireland is in the palm of your hand. 

Ask any basketball club in the 32 counties what they want more of and ‘media coverage’ will make the list. Games promotion and marketing are always a high priority but budget, expertise and time constraints can often hold back even the best-willed of volunteers. 

Basketball held its own in mainstream media in the last year. The sport was featured much more frequently on TV news programming while the audience for the live TG4 broadcasts of the 2016 Hula Hoops National Cup finals increased by 19% from the previous year.

In print, there were 1,865 articles about basketball in the narrow window of the National League season1. That’s over 70 articles per week across local and national print media. 

The thing is, the definition of ‘media coverage’ has completely changed in the past number of years. Before the morning papers, the evening radio bulletin or the nightly TV news – the latest stories are sitting in the palm of your hand.

For the c. 15,000 people who visit the Basketball Ireland website every month, 64% of traffic comes through a smart phone or tablet2. Thanks to a new mobile responsive website, the amount of articles people are now viewing has more than tripled. It has provided the organisation with a future-proof platform to build on the 5,000,000 page views to date by half a million users4.

Still want to be part of the mainstream? 58% of Irish journalists use social media for sourcing news with Sport Journalists the most active users. [Source: Heravi, B. R., Harrower, N., Boran,M.(2014)]
Google Trends: Basketball Search In Ireland 2006-2016

And that’s not even where the future lies. The new generation of ‘digital natives’ see their social media timeline as the primary source of news. That gives every club in the country a chance to increase their reach, grow their community and promote their sport through platforms like Facebook and Twitter. And that’s great news. Because they’re free! 

With a little training, a smart phone and a commitment to consistency, clubs can have their own voice to speak to the people they need access to. 

Your club’s Facebook Page can now live stream directly to your followers. Download the Facebook Pages App, Go to ‘Publish’ then tap the ‘Live Video on Facebook Icon’. Don’t worry if you’re not a camera person. A cheap tripod can give any smart phone broadcast the professional touch
Google Trends: Basketball Search In Ireland 2006-2016

If the status of sports were once judged by their column inches, now strength of social community is the real litmus test. Basketball Ireland’s own social platforms cracked the 20,000 barrier for the first time in 2016. What if the 230+ clubs currently active added another 1,000 each? We wouldn’t just have a sport worth shouting about, we’d have a sport that could shout for itself.  

If your club would like to avail of free social media training, please email Basketball Ireland Media & Communications Manager at 

1 Source: Kantar Media
2 Source: Google Analytics
3 Pages/Session increase from 1.49 to 5.57
4 Of the 547, 890 visitors to date, 79.8% are based in the Republic of Ireland.  G  b

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