Recap: Ireland U20M 38-64 Portugal

Recap: Ireland U20M 38-64 Portugal

  • Jul 24,2016
Sunday, July 24th 
Ireland 38, Portugal 64

A composed Portugal get an early 9-2 lead on an opening 3-pointer.

Ireland were unsettled, the long tournament showing, until Tumonn cuts to the basket for two. Brannelly slices the defence for another lay-in but early on, Mendes is trouble in the paint for Ireland.

Ireland open the second quarter with more poise and ambition with an early steel from Tumonn and Brannelly's put-back.

Tumonn makes the first Irish assist to leave Blount open for the lay-up and an O'Hanlon assist gives Blount another, 22-16.

Portugal reply with two 3-pointers.

A Portuguese full-court press unfazes Ireland and their cool ball movement ends in a basket. After a time-out, a great block by Kiernan leads to another full court display, punctuated by a Coomes bucket.

Again, a great defensive play by the Irish front court leads to a composed score on the other end, with Tumonn both catching the rebound and converting the points.

Ireland go from no assists in the first quarter, to four in the second, 36-25.

The second half opened with scrappy play and Portugal were able to capitalise, bagging 12 points to Ireland's three with 4:30 to go.

O'Neill called a time out to settle Ireland. They respond immediately with a much-needed basket.

During a long period of wide-open play, Ireland overextend their defence to force Portugal's hand but they somehow find a calm in the storm to make clinical shots, 57-34.

The fourth quarter was a low scoring affair.

At the buzzer the difference between the teams was in assists, turnovers and three point percentage: Ireland had 10 assists to Portugal's 17 and 1-of-13 3-point shooting to their 7-of-25. Ireland also had 24 turnovers to Portugal's 15.

Portugal's Araujo proved too much with 23 points on 5/7 3-pointers, and seven rebounds.

Final score, 64-38.

G. Brannelly (10), J. Tummon (8), J. Blount (8), S. Flood (4), D. O'Shea (3), E. Kiernan (2), C.Coomes (2), S. O'Hanlon (1).

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