• Mar 04,2017

Basketball Ireland Results

Basketball Ireland Men's Super League Éanna 89-74 Belfast Star

SSE Airtricity Moycullen 70-84 Templeogue

Pyrobel Killester 87-74 UCC Demons

DCU Saints 77-74 KUBS BC

Radisson Blu UL Eagles 77-87 UCD Marian

Garvey’s Tralee Warriors 68-61 Griffith Swords Thunder  

Basketball Ireland Women’s Super League:  

Ambassador UCC Glanmire 92-49 NUIG Mystics

Pyrobel Killester 56-78 DCU Mercy,

Maxol WIT Wildcats 51-64 Courtyard Liffey Celtics

Portlaoise Panthers 66-58 Singleton SuperValu Brunell    

Basketball Ireland Men’s Division One:  

LYIT Donegal 79-85 Keane’s Supervalu Killorglin

EJ Sligo All-Stars 96-95 BFG Neptune

Titans 58-82 Kestrels

Maree 108-75 Fr Mathews

Ulster University Elks 69-52 Team Kilkenny

Dublin Lions 110-109 ITC Basketball (after double overtime)

Basketball Ireland Women’s Division One

Oblate Dynamos 67-60 Marble City Hawks

Ulster University Elks 73-75 UL Huskies

Basketball Ireland National League Fixtures: March 5th


Basketball Ireland Women’s Division One

Ulster University Elks v UL Huskies, UUJ, 15:00

Basketball Ireland Detailed Results:

Basketball Ireland Men's Super League 

It was a big weekend for Garvey’s Tralee Warriors in the Men’s Super League meanwhile, as they overcame second place Griffith Swords Thunder 68-61 in front of a capacity crowd at the Tralee Sports Complex. Tralee took the lead early on and drove into a 10-point lead by half-time, 39-29, with Trae Pemberton and Goran Pantovic proving crucial for the home side - the former finishing the game on 25 points. Éanna secured a vital win over Belfast Star on Friday evening to send them three points clear of KUBS and push them up to third from the bottom of the table, while KUBS just couldn’t get the vital last score against DCU Saints and had to settle for second best as the buzzer sounded on a final scoreline of 77-74 in favour of Saints. Templeogue came out on top in their clash over SSE Airtricity Moycullen in the first of three games they are due to play in seven days, as they face Pyrobel Killester on Tuesday evening (March 8th) before welcoming Garvey’s Tralee Warriors to Oblate Hall on Saturday evening (March 11th).

It was a long road back to Cork for UCC Demons meanwhile as, after being on level pegging with Pyrobel Killester at half time (44-44), they fell to an 87-74 defeat, while Radisson Blu UL Eagles suffered a ten point loss at the hands of UCD Marian. Éanna 89-74 Belfast Star
Top scorers Éanna: Luke Thompson 19, Aidan Duune 15, Neil Lynch 14
Top scorers Belfast Star: Keelan Cairns 25, Ryan Wilson 24, Sean Quinn 9
Half time score: Éanna 43-35 Belfast Star

SSE Airtricity Moycullen 70-84 Templeogue
Top scorers SSE Airtricity Moycullen: James Loughnane 18, Phillip Lawrence-Ricks 14, Patrick Lyons 14
Top scorers Templeogue: Jason Killeen 28, Mike Bonaparte 17, Lawrence Summers 13
Half time score: SSE Airtricity Moycullen 35-44 Templeogue

DCU Saints 77-74 KUBS
Top scorers DCU Saints: Martins Provizors 35, Arkadijs Macarenko 20, Kevin O Hanlon 9
Top scorers KUBS: Kevin Foley 22, Corbin Jackson 21, Gary Barron 12
Half time score: DCU Saints 44-42 KUBS

Pyrobel Killester 87-74 UCC Demons
Top scorers Pyrobel Killester: Jermaine Turner 18, Cian Nihill 13, Peder Madsen 12, Eoghain Kiernan 12
Top scorers UCC Demons: Jacob Lawson 22, Roy Downey 19, Kyle Hosford 10
Half time score: Pyrobel Killester 44-44 UCC Demons

Garvey’s Tralee Warriors 68-61 Griffith Swords Thunder
Top scorers Garvey’s Tralee Warriors: Trae Pemberton 25, Goran Pantovic 12, Ryan Leonard 10
Top scorers Griffith Swords Thunder: Isaac Westbrooks 13, Charlie Coombes 12, Conroy Baltimore 10
Half time score: Garvey’s Tralee Warriors 39-29 Griffith Swords Thunder

Radisson Blu UL Eagles 77-87 UCD Marian
Top scorers Radisson Blu UL Eagles: Eoin Quigley 25, Patrick McCarthy 22, Seamus Hickey 12
Top scorers UCD Marian: Dustan Moreira 20, Barry Drumm 13, Mike Garrow 12
Half time score: Radisson Blu UL Eagles 45-42 UCD Marian

Basketball Ireland Women's Super League 

AMBASSADOR UCC GLANMIRE have added yet more silverware to their already overflowing collection this weekend, as their 92-49 point win over NUIG Mystics was enough to see them through to be crowned Basketball Ireland Women’s Super League Regular Season champions 2016/17.

The Cork team put on a superb display of skill and flair at their home court yesterday, with Grainne Dwyer top-scoring for her side on 24 points and Claire Rockall and Aine McKenna chipping in for 16 and 10 points respectively. Indeed, the result never looked in any doubt from early on, as Mark Scannell’s charges drove into a 53-29 point lead at half time and cheers echoed around the court as captain Aine McKenna received the title from President of Basketball Ireland, Theresa Walsh.

"We're very pleased, it's nice to get it - we didn't win it for a while now, we've won the play offs but not the regular season so it's great to get it," said Head Coach Mark Scannell. "It just shows that our consistency throughout the season has been very good, with just two losses with one game to go, so it's a very good return, all things considered. We lost a few players at the start of the year, there was a bit of a changing of the guard, so it's great for the younger players that we have continued to win and I really think the future is bright for us. We're not going to get too carried away with it though, we need to get our heads down. We're very much focused and on track for the play offs in a few weeks' time."

Also speaking about the win, captain Aine McKenna added: "It's very special to be part of this team. With all the success we have, we never take it for granted. We were delighted to be crowned regular season champions yesterday, and now all of our focus is on retaining the League title."

Elsewhere, Courtyard Liffey Celtics continued their recent winning streak with a big win on the road on Saturday evening as they overcame Maxol WIT Wildcats down in Waterford, 51-64. Portlaoise Panthers bounced back well from their loss last weekend against Liffey Celtics to overcome Singleton SuperValu Brunell 66-58, while DCU Mercy had the better of Pyrobel Killester in the IWA in Clontarf, winning out 51-64 in the end.

Ambassador UCC Glanmire 92-49 NUIG Mystics
Top scorers Ambassador UCC Glanmire: Grainne Dwyer 24, Claire Rockall 16, Aine McKenna 10
Top scorers NUIG Mystics: Ebony Wells 24, Hannah Coen 11, Brittany Glasco 5
Half time score: Ambassador UCC Glanmire 53-29 NUIG Mystics

Portlaoise Panthers 66-58 Singleton SuperValu Brunell
Top scorers Portlaoise Panthers: Necole Sterling 21, Catherine O Sullivan 16, Claire Melia 15
Top scorers Singleton SuperValu Brunell: Kaylee Kilpatrick 16, Maddison Ward 10, Danielle O Leary 10
Half time score: Portlaoise Panthers 31-29 Singleton SuperValu Brunell

Maxol WIT Wildcats 51-64 Courtyard Liffey Celtics
Top scorers Maxol WIT Wildcats: Cathy Kavanagh 16, DaLacy Anderson 12, Sinead Deegan 9
Top scorers Courtyard Liffey Celtics: Jazmen Boone 19, Emma O Connor 15, Aine O Connor 11
Half time score: Maxol WIT Wildcats 31-38 Courtyard Liffey Celtics

Pyrobel Killester 56-78 DCU Mercy
Top scorers Pyrobel Killester: Leah Fechko 24, Aoibheann Byrne 9, Jade Daly 6
Top scorers DCU Mercy: Sarah Fairbanks 31, Ashley Perez 20, Sarah Woods 17
Half time score: Pyrobel Killester 29-36 DCU Mercy

Basketball Ireland Men's Division One 

Ej Sligo All Stars 96-95 BFG Neptune
Top scorers Ej Sligo All Stars: Kaylim Noel 28, Oisin O Reilly 28, Tobi Brockmann 20
Top scorers BFG Neptune: Tanner Brooks 37, Brian O Neill 20, Adam Drummond 15
Half time score: Ej Sligo All Stars 53-57 BFG Neptune

LYIT Donegal 79-85 Keane’s SuperValu Killorglin
Top scorers LYIT Donegal: Jordan McClelland 30, Paul McHugh 17, Kevin Stanley 11
Top scorers Keane’s SuperValu Killorglin: Garny Garcia 27, Ian McLoughlin 21, Ignas Siyanas 18
Half time score: LYIT Donegal 43-40 Keane’s SuperValu Killorglin

Titans 58-82 Kestrels
Top scorers Titans: Toms Fabriciuss 19, Kelvin Atu 9, Eugene Williams 9
Top scorers Kestrels: Christopher Teasley 22, Daniel Debosz 20, Dylan Dunne 15
Half time score: Titans 32-43 Kestrels

Maree 108-75 Fr Mathews
Top scorers Maree: Padraig Burke 20, Paulius Peldzius 20, Kenneth Hansberry 16
Top scorers Fr Mathews: Sean Cantwell 24, Owen Connolly 15, Daragh Fleming 13, Chris O Flynn 13
Half time score: Maree 54-38 Fr Mathews

Ulster University Elks 69-52 Team Kilkenny
Top scorers Ulster University Elks: Will Koppenhaver 22, Marty McDonald 18, Darius Surginas 12
Top scorers Team Kilkenny: Lukasz Szulc 20, James Butler 14, Lughaidh O Neill 7
Half time score: Ulster University Elks 31-30 Team Kilkenny

Dublin Lions 110-109 ITC Basketball (after double overtime)
Full time score: Dublin Lions 90-90 ITC Basketball
End of First Overtime: Dublin Lions 101-101 ITC Basketball
Top scorers Dublin Lions: Tomasz Swiatowy 25, Chris McNairney 22, Igor Markiewicz 15, Kevin Anyanwu 15
Top scorers ITC Basketball: Mike Klinger 51, Shane Maughan 16, Jimmy Ward 14
Half time score: Dublin Lions 42-43 ITC Basketball

Basketball Ireland Women's Division One

Oblate Dynamos 67-70 Marble City Hawks
Top scorers Oblate Dynamos: Meagan Hoffman 12, Jennifer Sheehan 10, Kelsey Ellis 9, Katie Moloney 9
Top scorers Marble City Hawks: Aine Sheehy 22, Katie Fox 14, Kelly O Halloran 12
Half time score: Oblate Dynamos 35-31 Marble City Hawks

Ulster University Elks 73-75 UL Huskies

Top scorers Ulster University Elks: Nyasha Sarju 40, Randyll Butler 12, Aoife Callaghan 7

Top scorers UL Huskies: Sarah Benedetti 24, Orlaith Woods 21, Aisling Danagher 12

Half time score: Ulster University Elks 25-43 UL Huskies

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