RESULTS: Intervarsities (April 7-9th)

RESULTS: Intervarsities (April 7-9th)

  • Apr 06,2017



Men's A final

Griffith College Dublin 76-45 Ulster Universtiy, 15.45


Women's A final

IT Carlow 61-69 DCU


Women's B final

Trinity College Dublin 66-64 Cork IT


Men's B final

IT Tallaght 66-72 DCU


Detailed results

NBCC Men’s A Intervarsities final

Sunday, April 9th

Trinity College

Griffith College Dublin: 76

Ulster University: 45


GRIFFITH COLLEGE DUBLIN thundered home to glory in the NBCC Men’s A intervarsities final this evening, with a comprehensive 76-45 point win over Ulster Universiry.

The Dublin college were in control from the outset, storming into a 30-6 point lead by the end of the first quarter, with Alex Calvo, Alex Dolenko and Jose Maria Gil Narbon impressing the most.

Good displays from Will Koppenhaver and Sean Quinn for Ulster University were just not enough in the face of a Griffith College side who dominated the weekend’s proceedings and ran out deserving winners.

GRIFFITH COLLEGE DUBLIN:  Wei Haau Pang, Justin Goldsborough, Cholo Buenavenura, Conroy Baltimore, Charlie Coombes, Abdul Mikael, Alex Calvo, Alex Dolenko.

ULSTER UNIVERSITY: Aaron Goldring, Will Koppenhaver, Stephen McArdle, Tak Holo, Martin Bell, John Murray, Richard Burzns, Adam Hills, Adam Ryan, Sean Quinn, James Lynn

MVP: Alex Calvo (Griffith College Dublin)

GCD 76-45 UU

Top scorers GCD: Jose Maria Gil Narbon 18, Conroy Baltimore 11, Cholo Buenavenura 10

Top scorers UU: Sean Quinn 16, Will Koppenhaver 12, James Lynn 8

Half time score: GCD 48-20 UU

NBCC Women’s A Intervarsities final

Sunday, April 9th

Trinity College

IT Carlow: 61

DCU: 69


DCU completed a double victory in the Intervarsities final this afternoon as, just a few short hours after the college’s Men’s team was crowned Men’s B champions, their women’s team stormed home to glory in the Women’s A final, running out eight point winners of IT Carlow.

Sarah Fairbanks, Aoife Maguire and Megan Connolly were the stand-out players in a solid DCU performance, with Fairbanks bagging 31 points for her side.

There were heroes at the other end of the court too though, with IT Carlow launching a superb comeback in the third quarter and star guard, Jamiyah Bethune netting a whopping 32 points to keep her side in contention. A nervy fourth quarter saw the score remain tight, but Mark Ingle’s charges had that extra edge to see them home to the title.

IT CARLOW: Marina Beneito, Sarah Cooper, Alannah Savage, Laia Ciarkrios, Ciara McCarthy, Elaine Kennington, Jamiyah Bethune, Megan Campbell, Rachel Griggs.

DCU: Megan Connolly, Alison Cleary, Olivia Reid, Enya Brady, Sarah Fitzpatrick, Jenn Kirwan, Aine McDonnell, Caoimhe Moore, Aoife Maguire, Aoibheann Byrne, Sarah Fairbanks, Niamh O’Donovan.

MVP: Sarah Fairbanks (DCU)

IT Carlow 61-69 DCU

Top scorers IT Carlow: Jamiyah Bethune 32, Megan Campbell 12, Elaine Kennington 15.

Top scorers DCU: Sarah Fairbanks 31, Aoife Maguire 15, Aoibheann Byrne 6, Megan Connolly 6.

NBCC Men’s B Intervarsities final

Sunday, April 9th

Trinity College

IT Tallaght: 66

DCU: 72


A THIRD QUARTER run by IT Tallaght saw them drive back from a 29-40 point half time deficit in the Men’s B Intervarsities final to tee up a thrilling finale against DCU.

Superb performances from Omar Arcilla and the hugely impressive Aidan Dunne saw Tallaght throw everything in their repertoire at Mark Grennell’s charges, who had to dig deep to eek out victory in the end.

DCU’s Paddy Sullivan was fouled out of the game at the start of the third and proved to be a huge loss as DCU looked to regroup fast and with a Tallaght attacking onslaught on full throttle, it was Andrew McGeever and Conor Gilligan who led the DCU charge back, grabbing some crucial scores in the dying stages of the game to edge Tallaght by six in the end.

IT TALLAGHT: Omar Arcilla, Oisin Dowling, Aidan Dunne, Isaiah Lopez, Matthew Williams, Lukas Merliunas, Christian Anonuevo, Tautrydas Navickas, Tomasz Swiatowy, Ben Arulogun.

DCU: Paddy Sullivan, Donal Monaghan, Gavin Doyle, Andrew McGreever, Tom Kenny, Andy Flood, Dave Marnell, Alvares Geraltavskas, Andy Quinn, Michael Curley, Anton McDonnell, Conor Gilligan.

MVP: Andrew McGeever (DCU)

IT Tallaght 66-72 DCU

Top scorers IT Tallaght: Omar Arcilla 21, Aidan Dunne 17, Tomasz Swiatowy 12

Top scorers DCU: Andrew McGeever 22, Conor Gilligan 13, Michael Curley 10

Half time score: IT Tallaght 29-40 DCU

NBCC Women’s B Intervarsities final

Sunday, April 9th

Trinity College

Trinity College Dublin: 66

Cork IT: 64


TRINITY COLLEGE DUBLIN stormed home to a two-point victory over Cork IT in the NBCC Women’s B Intervarsities final this morning.

The hosts were pushed all the way by a talented Cork side, but managed to bag the two-point cushion with ten seconds to go and held on to that lead for a memorable victory.

Kelsey Ellis and Jess Porter were the shining stars for the home team bagging 43 points between them and proving to be a tricky combination for the Cork defence to keep at bay.

Cork meanwhile had stars in the shape of Madison Ward and Lauren Falvey, with Amy Waters also proving crucial under the boards for them to see them come back from behind to tie the game midway through the third quarter. It was neck-in-neck from that moment until the final buzzer, but time just ran out for Cork IT as their final shot – with three seconds to go -  didn’t drop for them and Trinity were crowned champions.

TRINITY COLLEGE DUBLIN: Laura Fortune, Kelsey Ellis, Aoife Tiernan, Danielle Kilduff, Aoife O’Halloran, Aoife Gillespie, Jess Tobin, Rebecca Keating, Jess Porter, Lizzie McGonnell, Giuila Zoeller.

CORK IT: Sarah Greaney, Aoife Dineen, Amy Waters, Orla Casey, Lauren Falvey, Claire O’Connell, Madison Ward, Shannon O’Leary, Amy O’Sullivan.

MVP: Kelsey Ellis (TCD)

Trinity College Dublin 66-64 Cork IT

Top scorers TCD: Kelsey Ellis 22, Jess Porter 21, Rebecca Keating 15

Top scorers CIT: Madison Ward 25, Lauren Falvey 15, Aoife Dineen 13.

Half time score: Trinity College Dublin 31-26 Cork IT

Semi-Final Results - Saturday, April 8th 

Men's A Semi-Finals:

Griffith College 86-77 NUIG

Top scorer: Alex Dolenko 24 (GCD)

Ulster Universtiy 58-49 UCC

Top scorer: Will Koppenhaver 26 (UU)

Women's A Semi-Finals: 

IT Carlow 55-48 DIT

Top scorer: Megan Campbell 17

DCU 71-64 UU (after double overtime)

Top scorer: Nyasha Sarju 36 (UU)

Men's B Semi-Finals

IT Tallaght 71-67 CIT

Top scorers: Tomasz Swiatowy 21 (ITT), Roy Downey 22 (CIT)

DCU 61-48 DBS
Top scorers: A. McGeever 16 (DCU), Nathaniel Musters 24 (DBS)

Women's B Semi-Finals: 

Trinity College Dublin 77-43 LIT

Top scorers: Kelsey Ellis 24 (TCD), Megan Cardarelli 26 (LIT)

CIT 39-36 UCD

Top scorers: Amy Waters 12 (CIT), Aine O'Donnell 9 (UCD)

POOL RESULTS DAY 2  - Saturday, April 8th 

Men's A - Pool 1 

GCD 71-52 UU

Top scorer: Alex Dolenko 20 (GCD) 

IT Carlow 59-55 DKIT (MP1)

Men's A - Pool 2

DIT 55-72 UCC (MP2)

NUIG 72-76 UL (MP2) after overtime
Top scorer: C Smyth 26 (NUIG)

Women's A - Pool 1

UCC 54-23 MU (WP1)

Top scorers: Hannah McCarthy 18 (UCC), Orla Keoghan 5 (MU)

IT Carlow 56-52 UU

Top scorer: Megan Campbell 27 (IT Carlow) 

Women's A - Pool 2

DCU 77-15 NUIG

Top scorer: Aoibheann Byrne 12 (DCU)

DIT 70-46 WIT (WP2)

Men's B - Pool 1

DBS 58-62 LYIT (MP1) - after overtime

Top scorers: Nathaniel Musters 18 (DBS), Stephen (T-John) Casiello 19 (LYIT)

IT Sligo 43-56 IT Tallaght (MP1)

Top scorers: Tobi Brockman 21 (Sligo), A Dunne 13 (ITT)

Men's B - Pool 2

UCD 48-71 MU (MP2)

Top scorers: Igor Markiewicz 12 (UCD), L Caffrey 20 (MU)

DCU 64-63 Cork IT (MP2)

Women's B - Pool 1

TCD 42-23 UL (WP1)

Top scorer: Jess Porter 10 (TCD), Orlaith Woods 16 (UL)

UCD 69-21LYIT (WP1)

Top scorers: L. Kelly 12 (UCD), S Walsh 13 (LYIT)

Women's B - Pool 2

IT Tallaght 40-37 Cork IT (WP2)

Top scorer: Erin Bracken 18, Shauna Fox 18 (ITT), Madisson Ward 12 (CIT)

IT Blanchardstown 51-54 LIT (WP2) after overtime

Top scorer: H. Meagher 19 (ITB), M. Cardarelli 21 (LIT)

POOL RESULTS DAY 1 - Friday, April 7th 

Men's A - Pool 1

GCD 81-40 DKIT (MP1)

Top scorers: Conroy Baltimore 27 (GCD), Nerijus Soltonas 13 (DKIT)

IT Carlow 36-72 GCD (MP1)

Top scorers: Dave Quinn 12 (IT Carlow), Jose Maria Gil Narbon 19 (GCD)

UU 79-66 DKIT (MP1)
Top scorers: Marty McDonald 25 (UU), Eimantas Kumpys 17 (DKIT)

IT Carlow 51-56 UU (MP1)

Top scorers: A. Valklus 16 (IT Carlow), A. Ryan 21 (UU)

Men's A - Pool 2

UL 57-70 DIT (MP2)

Top scorers: Pat McCarthy 24 (UL), Luke Thompson 18 

NUIG 70-71 UCC (MP2)

Top scorers: Stephen Cummins 16 (NUIG), Adrian O'Sullivan 19 (UCC)

UL 55-63 UCC (MP2)
Top scorers: Diarmuid O'Shea 17 (UL), Adrian O'Sullivan 22 (UCC)

NUIG 95-82 DIT (MP2)

Top scorer: T Mitkus 35

Women's A - Pool 1

IT Carlow 63-23 Maynooth University (WP1)

Top scorer: Jamiyah Bethune 16 (IT Carlow), Keelin Kane 6 (MU)

UU 57-39 UCC (WP1)

Top scorers: Nyahsa Sarju 22 (UU), Lesley Ann Wilkinson 11

IT Carlow 60-41 UCC (WP1)
Top scorers: Jamiyah Bethune 25 (IT Carlow), Hayley Lenihan 12 (UCC)

UU 54-20 MU (WP1)

Top scorers: Nyasha Sarju 22 (UU), Orla Keoghegan 6 (MU)

Women's A - Pool 2

DCU 49-40 DIT (WP2)

Top scorer: Sarah Fairbanks 22 (DCU), Erica Kennedy 14 (DIT)

NUIG 37-53 WIT (WP2)
Top scorers: Ebony Wells 17 (NUIG), Delacey Anderson 21 (WIT)

DCU 64-25 WIT (WP2)

NUIG 34-69 DIT (WP2)

Men's B - Pool 1

DBS 44-40 IT Tallaght (after overtime)

Top scorers: Nathaniel Musters 17, Aidan Dunne 23

DBS 54-50 IT Sligo (MP1)
Top scorers: Nathaniel Musters 14 (DIT), Tobi Brockmann 22 (Sligo)

IT Sligo 54-74 LYIT (MP1)
Top scorers: Jack Mackey 27 (LYIT), Philip Hamilton 13 (Sligo)

IT Tallaght 69-47 LYIT (MP1)

Men's B - Pool 2

DCU 60-52 MU (MP2)

UCD 26-84 Cork IT 

Top scorers: Anthony Silvestri 8 (UCD), Tanner Brooks 32 (Cork IT)

DCU 55-46 UCD (MP2)

MU 49-74 Cork IT (MP2)

Women's B - Pool 1
TCD 38-35 UCD (WP1)

Top scorer: Kelsey Ellis 19 (TCD)

LYIT 22-67 UL (WP1)

Top scorers: S Walsh 18 (LYIT), Orlaith Woods 25 (UL)

TCD 64-9 LYIT (WP1)

Top scorers: Liz McGonnell 14, Kelsey Ellis 14, Laura Fortune 14 (TCD), S. Walsh 8 (LYIT)

UCD 34-30 UL (WP1)

Women's B - Pool 2
IT Blanchardstown 48-41 IT Tallaght (WP2)

Top scorer: A Brennan  (ITB)

LIT 55-57 Cork IT (WP2)

IT Blanchardstown 45-51 Cork IT (WP2)

IT Tallaght 39-77 LIT (WP2)

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