Basketball Ireland to host second FIBA Live Stats Course

Basketball Ireland to host second FIBA Live Stats Course

  • Apr 25,2017

Basketball Ireland will be running a second FIBA Live Stats course presented by a top FIBA representative.

The course will teach all the tools needed to successfully input statistics at an international level and is being run in order to have as many people as possible on board to do statistics for the FIBA Under 18 Women’s European Championships Division B which are being held in Dublin this August. 

Those who qualify from the course and make themselves available to do statistics for this tournament will be paid. Therefore it would particularly appeal to college students and teachers, who may be available during the summer. We would also encourage Super League and National League team managers to attend. 

There are 96 games that need to be catered for at the Championships, so this course is a critical step in order to qualify to cover stats at these games.

As this is the second course being run and is not subsidised by FIBA, the cost of the course will be €20 and can host 40 people. At this point, we are gauging interest levels so anybody interested should contact Conor James, to put their name down.

The course is very likely to take place in the National Basketball Arena, Tallaght on Saturday June 17th.

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