Suzanne Maguire inducted into Fordham Uni Hall of Fame

Suzanne Maguire inducted into Fordham Uni Hall of Fame

  • Apr 30,2017

Last weekend was a special one for basketball stalwart, Suzanne Maguire as she was inducted into the Fordham University's Hall of Fame.

Suzanne, who has a long and glittering career here in Ireland spoke to us about where it all began and how it felt to be honoured last weekend.

“It’s been a whirlwind few days since we arrived in New York," she began. "It all started out with Tolka Rovers where I began playing underage. I played a few years Super League with them before heading off to Fordham. After college then, I played with Tolka once more, Killester for two seasons, DCU Mercy for nine seasons and Liffey Celtics for two. I stopped playing this past season, and have been focusing more on coaching,” she explained.

“The induction to the Hall of Fame has been a very special personal honour for me. To sit amongst the rank and file of incredible athletes who have come before me in the Fordham tradition has been a recognition that I never expected, but one that I am very proud to be a part of.

“Last weekend was so special – it’s very hard to express it. I had this opportunity to reconnect with my college roommates, teammates, coaches and friends all who made such an effort to be there for the event. Basketball is a life lesson – one’s place in the world is helped and shaped by the influence and participation within one’s sport. I was once again surrounded by all of the people who have been huge contributors to my life, and I was reminded just how special all of that is. 

"All sport demands attention and effort and a willingness to strive and succeed. Sport is based on perfecting fundamentals and not getting ahead of oneself. It’s both challenging and incredibly rewarding."

“For the next generation of basketball players, I would say to them that you have to stay the course because with most things that will ever happen in your life, if you love it – never walk away from it.”

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