That's a wrap! A message from Ireland U18w Management team

That's a wrap! A message from Ireland U18w Management team

  • Aug 14,2017

That's a wrap! A message from Ireland U18w Management team 

"On behalf of the players and management team we would sincerely like to thank the basketball community for their massive support over the last 10 days.  To play in front of packed crowds night after night gave us a tremendous lift and help us a achieved the feat we did.  The atmosphere and the crowd was something special and it was a joy to be part of. We asked the basketball people to get behind us at the start of the tournament and from the very outset, the crowds and messages of support were second to none. 

"We hope what the girls have achieved will give others the confidence and belief to go and achieve great things for their country .  These girls come from different parts of the country and their success hasn't just come overnight. They have had high level coaches in their clubs to bring them to this level and their success is a testament to the amount of work that goes on in clubs around the country. I think we can set our standards a lot higher than what is normally expected and, if we get a unified approach, we can play with the best in Europe on a regular basis. This bunch of girls have shown tremendous  attitude and determination and a willingness to succeed, but I am sure there are others players around that are waiting to fill their shoes and this should be capitalised on. 

"Hosting your own event is never easy but Basketball Ireland has given these girls an experience of a lifetime playing in front of packed gyms where 99% of the crowd are in your favour. Hopefully, this will bring our sport on the the next level and this should not be the exception but the rule.  We need to look to maintain standards so we stay at this level and we should not be content with just moral victories, as we have shown that this country has decent players at every level. 

"There have been many dull days when it comes to international basketball, but I think this special group has lifted the hearts and souls of many a person and they should be commended for it.

Thanks once more, 

Tommy O'Mahony" 

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