• Sep 28,2017


Member Clubs,

At the 2017 AGM, the Board of Basketball Ireland advised an intention to apply a registration fee of €5 on all members who don’t currently pay a registration fee (members aged under 13 years).

Based on feedback at the AGM, the Board committed to review this plan and come up with something more equitable.

The Board has given this much consideration since the AGM, and invited Council to contribute to the thought process.

The Board has decided to provide a support programme (including a nominal €2 registration fee) for members aged 10 years of age, but under 13 years of age on January 1st of the current season. This fee will remain unchanged for the 2017/18 and 2018/19 seasons.

This means that no fee will apply to members below the age of 10.

Free registration & access to the BI Insurance plan will continue for all members aged 10 years and below, and the Board commits that this will not be altered under the current registration system.

The support programme includes the following;

1. Guaranteed continuation within the BI insurance programme for all members.

2. One FREE basketball for every 10 players registered at the €2 rate within this age group. Clubs may choose whichever size of Molten basketball they wish. Note that the retail price of these basketballs ranges from €30 to €60 each.

3. Commitment to provide these free basketballs annually for at least the next two seasons within the registration system:

 - This registration will open on September 20th, 2017 online through the BI website.

 - Current insurance cover on players registered last year ends on September 30th.

The Board wishes to remind members that any players not directly registered with Basketball Ireland through our online website has no insurance cover under the Basketball Ireland insurance policy.

We also take this opportunity to summarise some of the initiatives the BI Board has launched in recent years for the benefit of our member clubs-

Fully funded National Development Draw where Basketball Ireland pays for:

*All prizes and printing and allows clubs to retain 90% of their sales income.

*To date, our member clubs have raised over €374,000 for themselves from this initiative

Our Green Shoots coaching programme specifically targeted at the younger age groups:

*Hosted the hugely successful Under 18 Women’s Euro Championships this year.

*Hosted the FIBA Europe Annual Congress in 2016,

*Will host the FIBA Women’s European Championships for Small Countries 2018.

Providing Free Technical Pack to all Area Boards for their member clubs which includes-

*An Introductory Coaching Course

*An Introductory Referees Course

*An introductory Table Officials Course

- Helped to bring BI back into international competition at both junior and senior levels by contributing 20% of total costs.

- Commissioned the creation of the strategic plan by consulting across all members and member clubs.

- Continued to manage the organisation financial debt from €1,400,000 in 2008 to projected debt free in December 2018.


Frank Ryan,

Basketball Ireland Board Chairman

You can view the official announcement here: 2017 09 20 - Information for Basketball Ireland Member Clubs (1).pdf.

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