IMPORTANT Notice for Basketball Ireland Member Clubs

IMPORTANT Notice for Basketball Ireland Member Clubs

  • Oct 02,2017

An important update for all Basketball Ireland Member Clubs

Member Clubs,

Basketball Ireland would like to thank clubs for the substantial number of U13s already registered on the BI web site thus ensuring their players are protected by the BI Insurance programme.

Over the last 5 days 3,359 under 13s have registered, just under 2,000 at the €2 fee and the balance are U10s who are free. In these 5 days therefore we have registered 75% of the number we had in the first 8 weeks of last season. These registrations have come in from every Area Board in the country.

Thank you again.

We are now initiating the roll out of free Basketballs for every 10 players each club has registered (RRP c. €60) in the age 10 – 13 categories.

To be compliant with Basketball Ireland regulations all your players must be registered on the BI Web site and this also means all your players are protected under the BI Insurance scheme.

If you have not yet finalised your squad or not yet got around to registering all your players, we would encourage you register immediately to ensure your members are not at risk.

Yours sincerely,

Board of Basketball Ireland


29th September 2017

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