Nine Regional Academy head coaches have been appointed

Nine Regional Academy head coaches have been appointed

  • Oct 18,2017

Appointments for nine Regional Academy Head Coaches announced

Nine Regional Academy head coaching positions have been appointed this week by Basketball Ireland’s Coaching and Player Standards Unit (CPSU) and Elite Performance Committee (EPC).

Andy Gill has been appointed as head coach of the North Regional Academy, with the Niall McDermott taking the reins in the North West.

In the south meanwhile, Paudie Fleming has been appointed as the head coach of the South Regional Academy, with Lawrence Summers announced as head coach of the South East Academy.

In the midlands, Vincent O’Keeffe will be head coach for the boys’ academy, with Martin McGettrick running the girls academy. In the east meanwhile, Paul Cummins has been appointed head coach for the region, while in the west, Gerald Lyons has been appointed head coach for the boys with Michael Hickey announced as head coach for the girls.

“The CPSU and EPC are delighted to welcome these coaches on board as our Regional Head Coaches,” stated a CPSU spokesperson. “We are delighted with the high level of interest in these roles and are confident that our appointments will lead each Academy with great enthusiasm and skill. The process of appointing academy staff coaches is ongoing.”

The coaches will begin their roles this weekend at the Inter-Regional tournament.

The full list of appointments are below:

North – Andy Gill

North West – Niall McDermott

South – Paudie Fleming

South East – Lawrence Summers

East - Paul Cummins

Midlands Boys - Vincent O'Keefe

Midlands Girls - Martin McGettrick

West Boys - Gerald Lyons

West Girls - Michael Hickey

You can read more about the Regional Academies here.

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