Basketball Ireland announces new collaboration with Pieta House

Basketball Ireland announces new collaboration with Pieta House

  • Dec 27,2017

Basketball Ireland has today announced a new collaboration with Pieta House.

This arrangement will see specialists from Pieta House giving talks and providing support when required to the Irish international squads - from Regional Academy level through to Senior level.

Pieta House will also support clubs and club members across the country as part of this new association.

Basketball Ireland, for their part, will support Pieta House financially through an annual donation and will also provide fundraising opportunities for Pieta House throughout the basketball season.

Speaking about the announcement today, CEO of Basketball Ireland, Bernard O’Byrne stated: “This is a very important initiative from Basketball Ireland and Pieta House. As a National Governing Body, we have experienced some sad events in recent years and we want to put an infrastructure in place to support our members of all ages.  We look forward to working with Pieta House in the coming months.”

Brian Higgins, CEO of Pieta House hailed this initiative by Basketball Ireland as “a great opportunity for Pieta House to bring the message of hope and solidarity directly into the wider basketball community.  This endorsement of Pieta House by Basketball Ireland, by their invitation into its network of clubs and its commitment to support our fundraising, is a truly encouraging development. Pieta House welcomes the challenge it presents.”

You can find out more about Pieta House by logging on to their website

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