Maguire fronts database of Irish players who have played in USA

Maguire fronts database of Irish players who have played in USA

  • Feb 13,2018

We need your help!

Newly-appointed EPC (Elite Performance Committee) member, Suzanne Maguire, is starting a database of Irish players who have played in America since the year 2000.

Maguire, who was inducted into the Fordham University Hall of Fame in April 2017 after a long and glittering career, is now aiming to compile a full database of male and female Irish players who have played Stateside since the year 2000.

“We know that we have had a significant number of athletes play in the USA over the years at various levels, and it is important that we record and consolidate that information,” she stated.

“This virtual community of players, along with their family and friends, have a unique perspective on this experience, and populating this database may open up opportunities for our future hopefuls to gain insight from those who have gone before.”

So, how can you help?

If you are a player or know a player who has played in the USA since the year 2000 then we would love to hear from you. Here’s what we need to get started:

The player’s full name:

Their school (in Ireland or USA):

Their college (in Ireland or USA):

The year they moved to the USA:

Who they played with & where:

The years they played there:

What year they returned to Ireland (where applicable):

Irish club pre-USA:

Irish club on return:

Contact details (if available) for the player:

While we are looking at the years 2000 to present day initially, the objective is to catalogue all players who have played in the USA; so if you fall outside of this time frame or know somebody who does, still feel free to get in touch!

You can send the above info, along with any other information you wish to include by email to

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