Post Primary Schools - Grading 2018

Post Primary Schools - Grading 2018

  • Apr 11,2018

Post Primary Schools - Grading 2018

The regrading process for schools is now open. Any school wishing to apply for a regrade to a lower grade for next season or who wish to appeal a regional or national promotion should fill in the form below giving as much detail as possible.


The form will be closed at midnight on April 14th 2018 to allow the regrading working group an opportunity to read and discuss each application at their meeting on Sunday 15th April 2018.

Official PPSC Regrading Form
Please note the appeals will only be accepted on the official BI Grading Form

Schools who have reached national finals with Minor, Junior, U14, U15 or U16 teams have no right of appeal. The rules governing promotions and regarding's are as below:

7.2 Promotion
(i) Any school competing in competitions is eligible for promotion to a higher grade at the discretion of both the PPSC and Regional Organiser.

(ii) The winner of a D league at any age group may be promoted to the C division. The school will remain there for at least one year.

(iii) Any school having won or been a runner-up in an All-Ireland League or Cup Final at B or C level in Minor/Junior/U14/U15/U16/U19 will be promoted to the next level. This level will apply for 2 years in league and 1 year in cup except in the case of the U19 league where schools will have the right to appeal for regrading after one year.

(iv) As a result of playing in an All Ireland Final each of the schools will be notified of their automatic promotion. Schools with Under 19 finalists in League or Cup may appeal this automatic promotion within 7 days of receiving this notice by email to the PPSC Registrar using the regrading procedure as per 7.3 below. Deadline dates will be strictly adhered to.

(v) If a school is promoted by their Regional Organiser for any reason other than reaching an All-Ireland Final, they have the right to appeal as per the Regrading regulation 7.3 which follows.

7.3 Regrading
A school seeking a demotion for a new season must use the official PPSC regrading form available on the Basketball Ireland website and comply with the requirements therein. Making the appeal is an online procedure.

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