Schools League Registration Now Open

Schools League Registration Now Open

  • May 23,2018

2018-19 PPSC Schools League Registration 

PPSC Schools League Registration is now open. Registration must be completed via the online links below no later than Monday 3rd September.

Important Information

  1.  You must fill the form in completely in one sitting. This year the form is designed to prevent duplicate entries, it does this by checking roll numbers. If you fill in the roll number in a first sitting and return to the form it will not let you enter the same roll number again.

  2. The information you need to have to hand is as follows:
    a) School Roll number and official school email address
    b) Your Region (if you are in Dublin you are playing in the East Region!)
    c) The grade you are playing at
    d)  The teams you intend to enter (Minor and Junior can be a best guest as Regional Organisers will reconfirm that information           before the Minor/ Junior leagues commence.)
    e) Phone numbers and emails of coaches for U16/ U19 teams
    f)  Be able to confirm if you are paying by cheque or EFT

  3. Once completed you will receive an email. This email contains the details you registered, the email also contains an invoice that should be printed and submitted to the person in school responsible for processing payments.

  4. If you are leaving your school at the end of this year it is best if you try to recruit a current member of staff to take on the communication until a new coach is appointed in September. The information you provide here is the only method we have of contacting schools.

  5. Should you have any questions please drop me a line here or contact your Regional Organiser. Contact details can be found in the Rules and Regulations link above. 

The link to register BOYS schools only is:

The link to register GIRLS schools is

Download the PPSC Rules and Regulations below:


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