Registration: Final Reminder

Registration: Final Reminder

  • Sep 29,2015

The President and Secretary General of Basketball Ireland have issued the following final reminder to clubs and players about registration deadlines for Basketball Ireland. 

Club and Players Registrations 2015-16 

As the season is about to begin, we issue this final reminder about the registration protocol: 

No club, player or official of any kind can participate in basketball activity unless they have registered, have paid their appropriate registration fee. 

Unregistered players and officials are not covered by BI insurance. Insurance deadline of 1st November 2015 to have your BIPIN and individual email address. 

No area board or individual official can provide or authorise any derogation or latitude regarding these registration regulations. 

There is no specific date that you have to be registered by. You must be registered before your first official participation. 

BI Council will take action against any club, player or official found to be in breach of registration protocol. 

Such action will be in addition to any action the local area board may take. 

Thank You for your co-operation

Gerry Kelly, President. Bernard J.O’Byrne, Secretary General. 

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