FIBA Europe Cup - Bakken Bears 96, Hibernia 60

FIBA Europe Cup - Bakken Bears 96, Hibernia 60

  • Oct 28,2015
A 22-0 run put paid to Hibernia Basketball’s chances of causing an upset in the FIBA Europe Cup as the combined club side went down 96-60 to Bakken Bears in Aarhus.

Hibernia led 20-15 for the first quarter and the sides were tied at 29-29 after 15 minutes of basketball when the Danish champions took control.

“I think you just saw an amateur side against a professional side once they got going,” said Hibernia Player Coach Colin O’Reilly, who made three triples in a row to put his side in front. “In the grander plan, we have six weeks. We’re using the away trips as pre-season so that we can give our home crowd something to cheer about in a couple of week’s time.”

The introduction of fan favourite Chris Christoffersen proved the catalyst. The 7’2’’ Danish international was overpowering on offence and Hibernia spent much of the game pinned under their own basket while Bears picked up 12 second chance points in the first half alone.

The Danes showed no sign of letting up in second half. Roy Downey managed to snap the run and three-pointers from Lehmon Colbert and Keelan Cairns helped the recovery, but it was a long third quarter. Hibernia trailed by 28 points with 10 minutes to go.

The development brief was adhered to as all 12 players saw game time. 20 year old Patrick Lyons looked assured when given his chance while Roy Downey and Adrian O’Sullivan were fearless off the bench. Bakken Bears Head Coach Israel Martin was respectful of what Hibernia Basketball is trying to achieve.


“They showed to everyone that they can play basketball and they did a good job. The physical condition is not on our level but we are professional players who practice twice a day,” he said.

Hibernia Basketball: Kyle Hosford (4), Kevin Lacey, Colin O’Reilly (13), Conor Grace (5), Martins Provizors (12). Substitutes: Adrian O’Sullivan, Roy Downey (6), Ciaran O’Sullivan, Patrick Lyons (2), Luke Thompson, Lehmon Colbert (8), Keelan Cairns (10).

Bakken Bears: Carles Bivia (17), Thomas Laerke (4), Nicolia Iversen (10), Michel Diouf (15), Darko Jukic (19). Substitutes: Sebastian Petersen (6), Aladdin Barakeh (2), Mikkel Plannthin (10), Morten Sahlertz (5), Chris Christoffersen (6), Keane Thomann, Sylvester Berg (2).

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